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Traditional restaurant vs. Kitxens.com

Hey! Compare time, cost, risk, employees...

A market research firm recently estimated that delivery-only restaurants could be a

$1 trillion business by 2030!

Traditional restaurant

2000 sq real estate cost usually at an expensive location

30 employees - many dedicated to the front of the house

1 location in 12 months,
10 locations in 10 years????

> Breakeven in 4 - 5 years


200 - 300 sq ft real estate cost in same area but at low cost

5 - 6 employees - many dedicated to the front of the house (Save on Restaurant Labor Costs)

1 location in less than 1 month

Opportunity to achieve more than 20 locations in 1 one year

Breakeven in 6 months


Point-of-Sale Partners Including


Working with the most important Third-Party Including

Maximize your ROI on delivery and reach new customers where they already are!

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